Changing Games – A different approach to learning

Our games are the perfect way to enhance the spitit of your team, highten situational awareness and at the same time understand and develop a new way of tactical and strategical thinking by playing a game in a save environment.

Currently we have three games lined up which can be played with a group of people under the guidance of two or more of our members.

The first one is the Town Hall Game in which you assume the role of local decision makers facing several scenarios affecting your town.

You will be seriously challenged to keep citizens happy, finance in control, plan and sponsor projects and keep enough control, as a team and as an individual on the situation in the turmoil of a democratic town hall.

The second game is our Full Strategy Experience Game in which we step back into
history to uchanging_games01nravel your ‘comfort zone’ and put you in a situation to understand, formulate ánd
execute major strategic decisions, while under threat on muliple levels and from multiple directions.

Can you handle the pressure and come up with a good, working strategy ánd matching execution
that can keep you safe.

Our third game is our Communications Game, also based on an epic historical campaign. We find
history, as an escape to modern day gadget and computer using (or blaming) to ‘help’ with
communication and planning very helpful to return to the necessary basic skills.

In this game it’s all about getting your goals and approaches right, well  communicated, being
fully  understood and your plans well executed in a turbulent and changing environment.

Who are we?

Changing Games is a Cooperation of five friends who know each other for over 25 years now. We
have a broad experience in different fields (Strategic Management, Public Management, Army,
Multimedia, Product Research & Development, Process Engineering, Economics and Consultancy)
with a binding factor: a love for and unwavering believe in the power of strategy games!


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